How To Change Windows 11 Password

How To Change Windows 11 Password If Forgotten [8 Methods]

A password keeps your devices and accounts secure from unauthorized access. While it is good to have a password on your personal devices, forgetting them after setting up is just like a nightmare. We have seen thousands of people out there who set up a Windows password and then forgot it. The Windows OS will … Read more

How To Change Start Menu and Taskbar Color On Windows 11

How To Change Start Menu and Taskbar Color On Windows 11

Windows 11 has added a lot of customization and new features that were unavailable on previous Windows versions. If you are using Windows 11 then you can take advantage of these options to make Windows look and work as you want it to. The most asked questions in the Windows community are about changing the … Read more

How To Increase Windows 11 Performance

How To Increase Windows 11 Performance [Disable Visual Effects]

Windows 11 comes with many new features as compared to earlier versions of Windows, so check Windows 11 version installed on your system. The latest operating system from Microsoft is said to be the best Windows version launched until now. There are many good things about Windows 11 like the visual effects, easy-to-find apps/services, customized … Read more

How to Make Masala Dosa at Home | Homemade Masala Dosa Recipes

Foodies love to eat various types of food.  Among so many varieties of food South Indian foods are the popular one. South Indian food has earned so much fame across all over the world, mainly for scrumptious dishes like Masala Dosa, Vada, Idli, Uttapam and Sambar. Many real and popular South Indian dishes that are … Read more

sambar recipes

How To Make Sambar | Easy Tiffin Sambar Recipes At Home

south Indian sambar is an excellent mix of tangy, sweet, and hot and spicy flavours from tamarind, (though you can make sambar without tamarind also as we wrote that recipe before. You can visit there to know बिना इमली के सांभर कैसे बनेगा). jaggery and podi (powder). It may be usually orangish inside colour and … Read more

How To Make Beetroot Juice | Beet Juice Recipes

Beetroot juice can be a great detoxify juice option to get anyone following some sort of juice cleanse, seeking for the immune system booster, and looking to pack in even more important nourishment for the body. The combo of beets and ginger possesses a whole various health benefit. Beets are one involving those vegetables which … Read more

How To Make Sambar Without Tamarind | Homemade Sambar Recipes

Sambar without tamarind is some sort of tasty stew involving lentils and merged vegetables cooked employing special Sambar Piquancy Powder. It is definitely staple to every single South Indian residence and made practically every-day either intended for breakfast or intended for lunch in addition to evening meal. sambar without tamarind (बिना इमली के सांभर कैसे … Read more

How To Increase Torrent Download Speed

How To Increase Torrent Download Speed In 2022 [5 Methods]

Downloading something from the internet is very easy these days like you can download APK to PC. You can use the built-in downloader feature of the web browsers or take advantage of third-party downloader programs. While there are various programs available out there to download content from the internet, torrent is the best possible way … Read more

How To Extend or Reset Trial Period of Any Software 2022

How To Extend or Reset Trial Period: Software’s are most essential part for any computer. Without any software PC is just useless. Normally two different restriction of software are available, one is free for life time and another is not free, hare you must require to buy license key. Here in this tutorial we are … Read more

How To Fix Windows 10 Bluetooth Icon Missing From Action Center

How To Fix Windows 10 Bluetooth Icon Missing From Action Center?

When Action Center was launched with Windows 10, it became a hit. This feature is among the most useful Windows features like Windows 10 task bar as you can access a lot of information from this panel. If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11, then you might know about this feature. The best … Read more