Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov Dedicated Nobel Prize in Auction, Help Ukraine Children $103 Million

Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov decide to dedicate the Nobel Prize to six of his colleagues who were killed. Rush government shut down the newspaper for “crime” of reporting on the war.

Dmitry Muratov

Russian journalist and editor Dmitry Muratov received $103 million in last year’s Nobel Prize auction. This money will be used for the development of Ukraine children.

Dmitry Muratov is the editor of Novaya Gazeta, which is an independent newspaper in modern Russia. The newspaper was shut down by Putin’s government in March this year for reporting on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Dmitry shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 with Maria Race, a Filipino journalist. Dimitri, a journalist-editor, auctioned the prize. He also dedicated the Nobel Prize in memory of six of his colleagues who were killed while reporting news in Russia between 2000 and 2000. Dimitri distributed the money as a financial reward to various service organizations.

According to a report, the price of the medal has increased to 10 crore 35 lakh dollars, which is the all-time record for the Nobel Prize auction. The Nobel Prize went up to five million dollars at auction.

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