How To Edit A GIF Images With Texts And Effects Without Photoshop

How To Edit A GIF Images: Gif is the new trend; in this hardcore social media era, Gif has unknowingly become a part of our daily lives. Sharing funny gifs and trending gifs have been like our daily life tasks now; also, funny gifs really make our day forgetting all our work frustration, etc. Well, sometimes in a particular mood, you don’t find the best match GIF, so you may need to edit your favorite GIF your way.

This can also bring your inner talent, and you can also edit any gif your way, adding text or emojis in it and make it totally new. There are lots of GIF editors online which you can use to spice up your gif for free and also solve your question of How to edit a GIF easily.

There are plenty of Gif editors available on the internet, be it in Web version or applications for your smartphone. And there are no premium charges required to use these fantastic tools, simply create a basic account, and you are ready to edit your Gif your way. Here we are going to briefly discuss how to edit a GIF using Gif editor or creator tools, so have a read till the end and know how you can edit GIF from your phone or computer on the go.

Ways you can edit Gif:

There are lots of ways you can edit a GIF file in your own way, like adding extra text to it, adding emojis, changing colors, and much more. Here below, we are going to discuss each and every point in brief.

  1. Adding Filters: 

Changing any GIF filters and giving them a new color also offers the same GIF a different and unique feeling. Like you can change the color into Sepia, Black & White, ripples, and much more. So, you can give the Gif file an entirely new face simply by changing the color of it.

You can do these changes using most of the GIF editor tools online for free, and some of them also let you change the exposure, saturation, and contrast of the file. Coming to the tools which you can use, those are GIF Maker for iPhone, GIPHY, and EZGIF.

Also, there are some apps that are not trusted to use, but you can give it a try as new tools really work well and also comes with tons of extra features too to grab large users. So, just give it a try, if it works, it is acceptable, and if not, then the tools as mentioned above or apps are always open for you.

Using Extra Emojis and Stickers: Adding animated stickers or emojis to the Gif file really adds a new life to it. You can shape your favorite GIF file into a new version just by adding stickers. Sites like GIPHY lets you add or customize gifs using your favorite sticker for free with a basic account.

You can find lots of animated stickers on the site itself, ranging from actors, behaviors and much more. Also, if you want, you can make your own stickers and upload them in GIPHY and use it.

The same goes with the emojis, and there are also lots of animated emojis on the internet, which you can use to decorate your gif files. Also, apps like Gif Maker-Editor app for Android lets you choose from many animated emojis from them and enables you to use them for free.

  1. Cropping or resizing the GIF:

Well, with tools like EZGIF, you can crop, resize and trim any gif file you have. You can simply upload your gifs on the site and cut your favorite part; also, you can increase or decrease the speed of the clip. Also, yes, you can revert the clip if you need, and this gives your gif a new meaning a new image.

Resizing is also a feature you can obviously use to get unwanted things out of the frame. As when you create or get any Gif, there are lots of things to crop out some of the clip parts to make the gif more to the point. So, all of these edits can be done in most of the free gif editor tools or apps. So, this is also one of the ways to edit a gif file.

  1. Adding text to Gif:

Last but not least, adding text can also bring up more points to the GIF clip; also, you can directly write what you want to say through the gif. Tools like GIPHY allow you to add text on your gif file; not only simple texts, you can also do many things to the text.

You can also add animated text on the gif clip, and it really looks fantastic. This is one of the easiest ways to edit any gif file you want. Simply upload the Gif file in the tool and add text of your choice.

Also, if you are creative enough, then you can draw handwritten text too. Well, the handwritten text really comes out well in uniqueness too, as texts format are already standard, so if you really want to make it really cool, then you can try out the handwritten features also.

So, these are all the ways with which you can edit any gif file and make it your own. Following all of these methods, you can bring out fantastic artwork in Gifs, and the best part is that you can follow all these methods in any GIF editor tool or apps for your phone. As you have known the ways following which you can edit any GIF file, now let’s have a detailed look at the tools to edit Gif file and their features and how you can use it at ease.

Apps or tools you can use to edit GIF:

The tools that are mentioned here are totally working, and you don’t need to pay to use their exclusive features. And you may have seen the name of the tools most of the time in the above paragraphs. First will start with the mobile apps to edit GIF and then will move on with the sites that you can use to edit GIF file.

  1. GIF Maker for iPhone: 

This is one of the best apps to edit your favorite GIF file if you are an iOS user. The interface of this app is impressive and easy to use. You can trim or Adjust the speed of any GIF clip you want, simply upload and you can do it all.

There are also extra features like Loop playing, time-lapse mode, Slo-Mo, and much more. You can also add TEXT and also add Filters to your Gif file. With all these amazing features, this comes to be one of the best GIF editor applications for iOS devices.

  1. GIF Maker-Editor for Android: 

As you have seen iPhone users’ apps, now let’s have a look at GIF editor apps for Android devices. Well, this application also has the same features of cropping, trim clip, adjust speed, emojis, etc. But there are also some exciting extra features which you will love to use.

In this app, you can also change the Contrast, Brightness, Hue, etc., of the clip, which comes really handy. Also, you can independently Draw on the GIF file to make it attractive. They also give you an option to export GIF as 60 Frames GIF or 25 Frames GIF.

  1. EXGIF:  

This is the website version of the GIF Maker-Editor app for Android. This website also comes with unique features onboard. But the only thing is that the interface of the website is not that premium looking as the others.

Other than that, you will get all kinds of features on this website like Cropping, Resizing, Split framing, adding texts, Gif Speed, color correction, and much more like the other apps or tools.

Some of the extra features are like there some added frames and filters which you can use to give your GIF a new color. Also, you can add your own watermark in the GIF on this website that too for free of cost.

  1. GIPHY: 

Giphy is one of the most known GIF editor tools on the internet today. If you have already searched for the Best GIF editor tools, then I am sure that you may have found this site for sure. Talking about the feature, there are no such unique, extraordinary features on this website.

But the interface and response of the site are impressive, and also, there are many animated stickers added to the site, which you can use for free in the GIF, which other tools don’t offer you.

Also, there are more than 14 color effects and filters made by the website itself that you can use if you want. So overall, even though if they don’t have extra features, but they are providing lots of added stickers and filters.


These are all about how you can edit a GIF file and also tools that you can use to edit your favorite gif file, let it be on your phone or your PC. We have given you a solution for both so that you can pick any of the tools and make your own customized GIF. Repeating that all the features mentioned here are not premium and there are no hidden charges to use the mentioned tools on the internet. So these are all, we hope that your customized GIF will trend on the internet.

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