Twitter Competitor Koo App Makes Its Algorithms Public To Bring in More Transparency

Twitter rival Koo stated that it is the first major social media platform that has published the basis and reasoning behind its algorithmic core, helping users understand the reasons behind the information they see. The algorithms were released on the Koo’s site in an announcement.


Algorithms are a set of mathematical principles that allow for personalisation and enhance the experience of users according to their individual habits and preferences. The principle behind the algorithms used is that they increase an individual’s experience to be relevant for them. Koo’s latest decision is coming at a time where issues of free speech and transparency have been the dominant narrative regarding social media platforms, such as Twitter.

In the last week, the world’s wealthiest man Elon Musk has offered to purchase Twitter for $43 billion. Musk has since been open about the necessity of the giant social network to provide more transparency about the reasons behind its promotion of content. Musk has also stated that Twitter should open-source its algorithm. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the microblogging site that is based in India Koo announced that it is the first major social media company to release its algorithm public. The company added that this move “establishes Koo as a transparent and secure platform.” Koo also add statement “This decision reaffirms Koo’s commitment to the transparency of its platform and to neutrality as well as keeping the user’s interests at the forefront. It allows users to understand what they are seeing in the content they are seeing,”.

The focus of Koo is on creating transparent efficient algorithms that operate effortlessly, the company now strives to educate and makes users aware of the methods used to achieve these goals, the website explained. “Koo examines the main elements that make up its four algorithms that are the main ones – Feed, Trending # Notifications and recommendations from people. Four algorithms decide what kind of content that users view or consume” they wrote.

Aprameya Radhakrishna who is the co-founder and Koo’s CEO and co-founder Koo claimed that the algorithms of Koo work without bias or interference. Aprameya Radhakrishna said in a statement “To discuss openly the algorithms we use is part of our mission to let our users know that there aren’t any secrets within Koo,”.

Koo will remain in the forefront of keeping users informed about its operations and is creating a secure, impartial and trustworthy social media platform that will be in the future, he explained. The move was explained in detail by Koo founder Mayank Bidawatka said, “algorithms are now public and we’re making a move towards letting users know how we generate relevance.” Bidawatka also said “Algorithms change constantly, and they are being tested frequently as well. While we begin with publishing them, within the next few months, we’ll also give users the ability to view an asynchronous feed if they would like. This allows them to have the most beneficial of both worlds,”.

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