NASA Shear Picture of 70 Feet Parachute on The Surface of Mars

NASA: Alien existence has been debated throughout the world for years. Many believe that there are aliens living in the world, and many people simply call it fiction. Space organizations have worked for a number of years to uncover this. As of now, numerous expensive projects as well as a variety of modern cameras and machines have been utilized to hunt for aliens. However, no definitive evidence has been discovered. There are a lot of photographs and videos that document the actions of aliens. But, nobody has been able verify it.


Recently, NASA has taken some images of Mars. Based on these pictures, NASA has claimed that they are evidence of being aliens. A massive parachute is evident in the images shared by NASA. NASA has described the parachute as junk from aliens. Yet, NASA said that there is no risk to human life from the parachute.

NASA launched the Ingenuity Mars helicopter on Mars the 18th of February 2021. The helicopters are able to examine the remains that lie on Mars. As part of this research, a massive parachute was put at the disposal from the Space Agency. The viral photo shows a tent-like parachutist that is located on Mars. The possibility is that the aliens could be also present.

“These pictures are really great,” said Dr. Ian Clark of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab. When you look at this image it appears that there’s a group of aliens residing in this tent on Mars. The width is approximately seventy feet. NASA has said that it was challenging and also pleasing. But, NASA is not sure about these images at this point. NASA stated that, before making a final statement regarding this image the image needs to be studied more closely.

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