Today National Hugging Day Know It’s History And Significance

Today, 21st of January is celebrated as National Hugging Day in the USA and UK. Hug is a great gesture of love, support and a beautiful thoughtful expression. A hug is a perfect gesture that can speak faster than words if it’s given the right time.

National Hugging Day

History of National Hugging Day   

In 1986, National Hugging Day was first celebrated in Clio, Michigan, USA. Kevin Zaborney was the first to come up with this grate idea. Happiness is slowly diminishing among people, especially between special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day that’s when the idea came to his mind. He introduced a day like National Hugging Day so that people can stay away from feeling depressed and lonely at this extended time of the year. He felt the American society felt embarrass to express their feelings in public, so a day like National Hugging Day might change it. He advised people to always respect the personal space of others and to act accordingly.

Significance Of National Hugging Day

The implication behind this beautiful initiative is to encourage people to be more empathetic and to express their emotions more clearly. People, in this rapidly changing society are feeling lonely and isolated. Hug, in such situations can connect each other. It’s a beautiful way to show support and empathy. Introducing National Hugging Day aims to change people’s attitudes towards their emotions. A hug initiates happiness and enhances bonding between people. Hug not only brings positivity and sweetness to the relationship, it’s other benefits such as stress reduction, better heart health and improved immunity. Hug produce oxytocin in the brain which brings happiness. A heartfelt initiative would be appropriate to promote a virtual hug or a gesture that embodies National Hugging Day consciousness when the rules of social distance are being followed due to epidemic corona.

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