New study says The N95 Mask can Be Decontaminated 25 Times Safely

With the release of Omicron, more experts are urging health workers and the general public to use masks better, which is good news.

The latest research has found that the same N95 mask can be contaminated at least 25 times, but still plays an important role in protecting users from SARS-CoV-2 malicious software particles.

The analysis was performed using ultraviolet light or evaporated hydrogen oxide (VHP) to get rid of COVID-19 particles.

“Most VHP studies have shown minimal emission efficiency, after 5-10 processes, to clean the air or to adapt to exercise.

We have repeatedly determined that repeated VHP processing may or may not affect the integrity of the N95 respiratory system, which is more than 25 times the quality and quantity compatibility and filtering efficiency. ”

The experiment was conducted from summer to August 2020 and evaluated eight volunteers wearing 3M N95 breathing equipment. After 25 pollution processes, did they find that the glasses were still completing all the tests?

Why not more? As a result of the FDA’s investigation, the N95 connectors are expected to be downgraded by 35, meaning that a restricted seal will not be available.
“The findings in our study extend beyond previous findings and show that VHP is a safe way to reuse the N95 respiratory system and to help address future epidemics,” said prospective author Christina Farrenhait. Yen, MD, was a young man in medicine at BIDMC through research and is currently studying at the Southwest Texas Institute or University. “It simply came to our notice then. Situation.

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