Stephen Hawking is in Google Doodle, Today Stephen Hawking 80th Birthday

Google pays tribute to renowned English Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, and Author Stephen Hawking on his 80th birthday by publishing an animated video on Google Doodle.


On the occasion of renowned Author, Cosmologist, and English Theoretical Physicist Stephen Hawking’s 80th birth anniversary, Google has released an animated video in his honor describing his life story and his work. Hawking’s described the video in his own voice and it was approved by his relatives.

Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford, England at 8th January 1942. From a young age he had a keen interest in universe. At the age of 17th he passed a First class BA degree in Physics from University College, Oxford. He completes his graduation degree from Cambridge at 1962.  At 1966 he got PHD degree in applied mathematics and Theoretical Physicist Specializing in General Relativity and Cosmology. At just 21 years of age, he contracted a neurodegenerative disease that left him paralyzed and confined him to wheelchair. He loses his voice and begins to communicate through a speech-generating device. Google describes him as “one of history’s most influential scientific minds”.

Hawking’s scientific work included a collaboration with Roger Penrose on the theory of gravitational uniformity within the framework of general relativity and theoretical predictions that emit black hole radiation, which is known as Hawking’s radiation. This discovery was widely accepted as major breakthrough in theoretical physics in the late 1970’s. Hawking was the first to develop a theory of cosmology, combining the theory o relativity and Quantum mechanics. He described the whole world the idea of black hole. In 1974 he discovered that particles could come out of black holes. This information is considered to be the most important contribution in physics. Stephen Hawking’s contribution to Theoretical Physicist is undeniable.

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