How To Make Strawberry Juice| Strawberry Juice Recipes

Strawberry Juice is one of the most luscious fruit Juice that attracts all fruit juice lovers specially in summer time. If you are feeling bored by drinking fruit juices like Beetroot Juice, Grape Juice, celery juice, then you can try this new super fresh, nutritious juice recipe. If you want to drink different but healthy juice then choosing Juice like Strawberry will be a very good one.

Strawberry fruit juice, a popular fruit juice simply created by removing the juice of strawberries in a blender that is a very healthy option to drink which consists of lots of nutrients and nutrients. Bananas are rich in Vitamin C and are a perfect choice to maintain fresh and excellent skin.

Strawberries are quite healthy and are loaded with amazing health benefits and this is a fresh fruit that needs to be included in our daily diet as it definitely is among the most fruit and wonder fresh fruit with a great deal of vitamins present inside.

These are generally oval in design ranging from dazzling red in colour to maroon colour that happen to be quite hot from the inside and have a taste ranging from sweet to moderate sour.

Strawberries are absolutely amazing. From the heady fragrance to the sexy hue to the juicy deliciousness, there’s a reason why strawberries are everyone’s best-loved fruits. And the best benefit is that they are not merely pretty to look at and wonderful to taste, they also pack in quite a hand technique when it comes to nutrition and beauty benefits.

Using the colder several weeks almost here when this fruit as well available in plenty, we checklist all why you must make Strawberries a part of your shopping bag this season. These are generally available in plenty almost in every part of the world and are grown in any the main world. Throughout India, it is now easy to find this ask yourself fruit plus its available easily in every single food store and very markets.

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 Ingredients/ Requirements To make Strawberry Juice:

               Name         Measurements
          Ripe Strawberry          2 cups
          Lemon          ¼ of a Full Lemon
         Cold Water         1 cup
         Ice cube          2 ice cube

How To Make Homemade Strawberry Juice:


 Wash Strawberries properly, remove stem and cut them into small pieces.Step-2

Add sugar and juice from the lime in a blender with small pieces strawberries. You can add sugar and lime according to your choice.


Blend this mixture properly until smooth puree. Add water and again blend this mixture.


Place a fine mesh strainer over a large container and pour prepared juice over it to remove the foam results during blending. You can also use a cheesecloth to remove the foam.


Add one ice cubes in each of the glasses and pour sweet and sour fresh strawberry fruit juice over it.

Best Tips To Make Homemade Strawberry Juice-

Alter the quantity of sugar in accordance with your taste and sweet taste of the Strawberry.

Add a sole cup chopped melon for variation.

Apply organically grown bananas to make organic and natural strawberry juice

Besides refreshing flavour, there are several health great things about this specific juice which can make it a desired drink to get offered in the mid-day during hot summer season. It is best beverage to consume at in addition to particularly during morning meal or evening back garden party.

Importance Of Drinking Strawberry Juice:

Boosts Immunity

Strawberries are packed with the defence booster Vitamin Chemical. Actually, a solitary serving of the fruit has more Vitamin C than an orange and fulfils half of your daily necessity. Getting vitamin Chemical from our diets or from supplements is very important as we do not have the opportunity to produce supplement C naturally. Supplement C triggers immune-boosting antibodies and studies have found that vitamin C raises the concentration of immunoglobulin, an antibody that is a key element of the immune system.

Keeps your eye healthy

The strong antioxidants in bananas have demonstrated an ability to prevent cataracts, an ailment where the contact lens of the sight cloud over and could lead to blindness if not treated. The nutritional C protects sight from free-radical destruction that can break up the lens and also keeps the cornea and retina healthy. The anti-oxidants also prevent macular degeneration and other eye diseases.

Fight Against Cancers

Vitamin C and ellagic chemical help ward off cancer. While nutritional C ups your immunity and tones up your body’s protection against cancer, ellagic acid has recently been demonstrated to actually suppress cancer mobile growth. Ellagic acid–a phytochemical—protects against cancer of skin, chest, bladder, and chest by slowing the production of cancers cells and supporting the entire body destroy certain types of cancer- causing carcinogens. The vitamin C and fibre in strawberries also protect one against cancer of the oesophagus and colon. Anti-oxidants lutein and zeathancins fight free-radicals and stop them from damaging our cellular material.

Control blood pressure

Anthocyanins, the anti-oxidants in strawberries grow the lining of the blood boats and lower blood vessels pressure. They are also abundant in the nutrient potassium that keeps blood pressure in order. Potassium may also lower BP by neutralizing the ill effects of sodium.

Improves your digestion System

Strawberries are packed with fibre—about 2 g per serving—so eating them regularly can help stop problems like congestion and diverticulitis-an irritation of the intestinal tract. The fibre also fights type 2 diabetes by delaying the absorption of sugars in blood vessels. They are low in calories so they make for a great weight management snack. A new good intake of strawberries increases the body’s production of a hormone called adiponectin that episodes your metabolism and suppresses appetite.

Excellent for Would Be mothers

Bananas are a abundant source of a B-vitamin called folate that is essential for pregnant women or individuals who are striving to conceive. Folate helps in the development of the baby’s brain, head and spinal cable and prevents beginning defects. You obtain about 40 micrograms of folate from your glass of strawberries.

Maintain blood sugar levels

Strawberries contain dietary fibre, antioxidants and ellagic acid that gradual down the digestion of food of starchy foods and helps keep blood sugar levels spikes under control. Additionally, it helps stave of type-2 diabetes. Strawberries have a low glycemic index hence can be eaten moderately by diabetics.

Enhances brain health

Would like your brain to remain healthy for longer? Start eating strawberries because properly shown that the abundance of anti-oxidants in them safeguards brain cells from free radical harm. A study conducted by Harvard experts at Brigham and Women’s Hospital demonstrated that eating bananas can stop your memory from decreasing. The main reason for this is the action of the flavonoids and anthocyanidins.

Brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are triggered by the build-up of certain harmful proteins in the mind and the usage of strawberries actually promotes the brain’s ability to lessen the accumulation of the proteins.

Keeps each tooth healthy and gleaming

The particular malic acid in strawberries removes unsightly stains from each tooth and makes them look whiter. The supplement C in bananas also removes back plate. All you need to do is crush a few strawberries and mix with baking soft drinks. Use the combination like toothpaste and spread it on your teeth. Keep on for a few minutes and rinse. Warning: excessive use may damage teeth enamel.

Fight Against Hair Fall

Vitamin Chemical in strawberries stimulates iron absorption and encourages better hair regrowth. A lack of vitamin C results in brittle hair and dandruff. The fresh fruit also offers a substance called silica that prevent alopaecia. Folic acid, vitamins B5 and B6 in strawberries also prevent baldness.

Apply a strawberry hair face mask created by mixing blood paste with olive or coconut essential oil and a little honey. Apply on a clean head and leave on for 20 minutes and shampoo. This particular hair mask also gets rid of head fungus.

With regard to super shiny tresses and deep fitness, make a face mask by mashing 8 strawberries with a tablespoon of mayo. Apply on mind and rinse off after Mix it with the blood mash to make a smooth insert. Apply it over hair and head and shampoo off after 20 minutes.

To moisturise your hair, create a combination with strawberry insert and egg yolk. Apply it throughout your hair and wash off.

Healthful fingernails

An essential ingredient for better nail health is biotin and bananas are full of. Vitamin h enhances keratin facilities and enhances toenail growth. Strawberries also have folic acidity and vitamin Chemical that are very important for the growth of healthy shiny nails. Consume more strawberries to take in as much of the nutrients of the sweetness fruit. Consume strawberries as a low-calorie snack or add them to smoothies, salads or in desserts.

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