Third Wave in India: Delta or Omicron, Which Variant of the Virus is Behind the Third Wave?

Is it because of Omicron that so many infections of COVID case are increasing in the country? Or did the third wave of infection hit because of Delta? Doctors claim that there are infections of different variants of corona including delta, and Omicron has also been added.


The number of daily COVID infected in the country has reached one lakh again. On the other hand, the number of infected of Omicron variant is also increasing day by day. In this situation, the question arises, is it because of the increasing number of infections in the country? Or are other variants, including Delta, still infecting India?

In November last year, doctors in South Africa found the first omicon variant of the corona virus. It is said that this new variant of Corona is about 6 times more contagious than Delta. According to experts, there have been more mutations in the Omicron variant. While 18 mutations were found in Delta, Omicron has more than 30 mutations. However, at present, Omicron is not the only cause of the increase in infections across the country, according to some experts.

Doctor Shivbrata Bandyopadhay says the combination of Delta and Omicron. Not the whole Omicron. There are others, including Delta, with Omicron added. Doctor Anirban Dalui said, being so positive. The number of omicron is very low. So Delta or something likes that. Mutating itself is something new that Omicron is using. All this has happened due to human negligence.

But Delta or Omicron, how to understand which virus is infected? According to experts, everything is a form of COVID. First we have to see if it is covid, then genomic sequencing. Again, many physicians claim that, if special arrangements are made, RTPCR tests can provide a preliminary estimate of whether or not Omicron is infected. However, doctors are advising to be careful about the infection of any variant of Corona virus, whether it is Delta or Omicron, and to follow the rules of Covid.

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