Windows 10 Search Not Working

Windows 10 is undoubtedly the coolest and updated operating system for all the users till now. I was using Windows PC since their XP version and learned a lot about them. Apart from learning, I had to face multiple issues, especially with the Windows OS updates. Yes, they do bring some excellent features but also come up with unknowns issues and bugs. Recently, Windows users facing such an issue and searching how to fix Windows 10 search not working.

Windows 10 Search Not Working

In case you are a Windows 10 user and similarly search on Windows 10 is not working, then stay with me here till the end of this detailed solution/guide. Here I am will share all the working tricks to repair Windows Search issues quickly without much technical knowledge.

Basically, there was a recent update when some users were facing issues like when they click on the search bar; it does not respond.

While some users were could click on it but unable to type anything. If you are facing any of these Windows 10 search issues, then keep on reading below and apply the solutions as guided.

How to fix Windows 10 search not working error:

  1. Restart your PC/Laptop:

Did you tried restarting your PC and check whether the issue is fixed or not? If not, then you can restart/reboot the system and then check if the error is gone or not.

This is the easiest and very basic solution for you. But chances are very less to be successful here. If the problem is still showing, then check out the following method.

  1. Uninstall the Windows update:

If your windows PC/laptop was working well before the update, then it’s quite confirmed that the problem was the latest update. It’s not a new thing when bugs and errors are showing in new OS updates.

In such a case, you can roll back to the previous version of Windows 10. Don’t worry about the procedure to revert the update. Follow the following steps and get it done quickly:

First of all, go to Settings, then click on the “Update and Security” option, and there head to the Windows Update section.

You need to click on the “View update history” section on that section, and there you can see Uninstall Updates page.

On that Uninstall an update page where you can see the list of updates and the date of installation.

You need to look for the latest update by clicking on the Installed On tab. Once you found the latest update, click on it and uninstall it from there.

  1. Try troubleshooting the problem:

Microsoft has built an inbuilt solution for all the basic problems named Windows Troubleshooter. This works perfectly well for any basic to normal issues, and you can have a try for sure. In order to run Windows Troubleshoot, follow the instructions given below:

First of all, go to Control Panel from the Start menu or from the desktop shortcut if available. Now click the troubleshooting icon from the menu and click on System and Security. You need to click on Search and Indexing and then click Next, and there you can see checkboxes with multiple issues mentioned.

Just click the 1st and 3rd option and then click the Next button given below to start the scan process.

Wait for few moments as it will try to figure out the issue and possible solutions.

  1. Enable the Search Service:

In some cases, you need to turn on the search service if it’s not active. To do the same, follow the below-given steps and get it done.

From the Start Menu, launch the Task Manager window and select the Services section. There you can see the list of available services which are running or stopped. Below there is one Open Services option, just click on it, and there you can see another list.

Now you need to get the Windows Search option from the list, then right-click on it and choose the Restart option.

Additionally, you can again open the Properties tab by double-clicking it. On the General tab, choose Startup type as Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start) from the dropdown options and save by clicking OK below.

If the Windows Search is enabled, you can see it on the Services list with running status.

  1. Enable all the background applications:

On several occasions, it has been seen that if the background apps are disabled in Windows 10 OS, then it affects various functions simultaneously. If you have disabled the “Let apps run in background” function by any means, then it can also affect the search service.

In such a case, you need to enable the option by simply going to Settings, then Privacy and Background apps. Just click the switch to turn it on and enable all background apps.

Below the same switch, there are many apps listed with the ON-OFF function, which you can use too for other purposes. It is highly recommended to turn off unnecessary or useless apps that consume the memory and slow down the system.

  1. Rebuild the Search index:

Another way to fix Windows 10 search not working is by rebuilding the search index. It sounds pretty technical but very simple to perform. Follow the below-given steps and get it done.

Go to Control Panel by clicking on the desktop shortcut or from the Start Menu. After opening the Control Panel, make sure the View by option is set to large or small icons.

When you do it, you can see expanded and detailed items for different tasks. Just find and select the Indexing Options and then click on the Advanced button given below.

A tab will show up where you need to click on the Rebuild option on the Troubleshooting section.

It will take some time to complete the process, and once it is done, you need to restart your PC/laptop.

  1. Relaunch Windows Explorer:

According to some users, relaunching Windows Explorer is another way to solve Windows 10 search problem. You can also have a try, and who knows, it might solve the issue. To do the same, you need to open Task Manager by pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + ESC button together. Once the task Manager is opened, find the Windows Explorer on the process tab and right-click to it, and choose Restart.

You should restart the system and try if the search problem is fixed or not for you. Similarly, you can find the Search task from the list of processes and restart it to solve the same issue.

  1. Change keyboard language:

Now, let me tell you a quick fix that sometimes creates the issue. Make sure the system supports the keyboard language; otherwise, you will see errors while typing something.

Similarly, in the search tab, you should look for the language option if you cannot type anything. Go to Settings, Time & Language and there will be one dropdown option with various languages; make sure you choose the recommended language. Now try the search function if it is fixed or not.

  1. Use Command Prompt:

Windows Commands can do so many tasks quickly as well as fix many issues. In case Search not working on Windows 10 can also be fixed by using the same. Follow the instructions given below and solve the issue easily.

First of all, press the “Windows + R” keys and open Run option. You can also access the Run Window by clicking on the Windows Start Menu icon easily.

Now you need to paste the below-given command and click OK or hit the enter key.


Once it Is done, now check if the problem is fixed or not.

Hopefully, it should get fixed, otherwise check the below-given method.

  1. Try Turning Off the Antivirus:

Sometimes the 3rd party antivirus programs create a shield of protection and disable some functions accidentally. You might have seen while installing various software or programs the antivirus show warning or ask for permissions. So, in the Windows Search issue, you can try disabling the antivirus program installed on your system.

You can also enable the default Windows Firewall program, which can help to fix the issues caused by some other program. Just turn off the antivirus and check after restarting the PC.

Again, you can enable the antivirus and check if it’s working perfectly or not while it is enabled. If both work together, then it’s great news.

  1. Reinstalling the Windows 10 (While keeping Personal data safe):

If you have tried all the methods mentioned above and still searching for fixing the windows search option, then here is the ultimate solution. But make sure you to it with extra care because a small mistake can erase all the data from your computer. Here, the solution I am talking about is repairing or reinstalling Windows 10 but keeping all the data and files safe on the system.

At the very first step, create a bootable Windows 10 installation USB or disk. After this launch, follow the steps, and most importantly, make sure you have selected the “Keep personal files and apps” option. If not, then click the “Change what to keep” option below and select it.

Then click the Install button given below to freshly install Windows 10 while keeping your data safe and secure along with applications. Here the chances of getting the solution is very high, and your problem should fix definitely.


Hopefully, using the methods mentioned above, you have now found the solution to fix Windows 10 search not working issue. All the methods are easy to perform and don’t require much technical knowledge; even an average Windows user can also fix this issue by following them. Do let me know if you are facing any other issues or which method worked for your PC. Do share the guide to help others who might also be facing the same issue.

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